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Admission Procedures:


If you are scheduled for surgery or procedure and your specialist has recommended hospitalisation for you, you could be admitted either a day before or on the day of surgery.


You can select from any of the following room types:

1. Deluxe rooms
2. Non A/C rooms
3. Shared rooms
4. General rooms

You can always request for a change of the various category of the rooms. Your request will be considered as per the availability of the category requested.

For patients who wish to enjoy some thoughtful extras in the room, we have specially-designed suites in the Deluxe Block that provide an atmosphere of grace and warmth for a restful stay.
These extras include:

1. Spacious Well Appointed Rooms
2. Silent Air Conditioners
3. Television with 24 Hour Cable Connection
4. Catering Services
5. Refrigerator
6. Telephone



For your convenience, we have arranged for the admission registration to be done at the Admission Counter at the information Centre. You could, if you wish, also check your billing or payment status at the Business Office.

For your admission registration, you will need to have the following documents:

What to Bring

1. Doctor Referral Letter/ Admission Authorisation Form
2. Payment Instructions (e.g. Letter of Guarantee) from the employer
3. Insurance Pre-authorisation Approval Particulars

What Not to Bring

We request that you DO NOT bring any valuables or excessive amounts of cash.

Admission Deposit

You will be required to make a cash deposit on admission. The Admission Office will advise you on the prevailing deposit rates.

Settling In


As you settle in, our staff will orientate you to the ward and its facilities and answer all your queries. In the wards we have the Religious Sister Nurse In-charge, then the Nursing Supervisors and then the nurses and helpers.

Daily Ward Routine

The routine in the ward will include activities such as ward rounds by doctors, nurses in charge and nurses. The medication and treatment will be given by the nurses as prescribed by your doctor. In addition, activities such as monitoring, laboratory test, x-ray, and other procedures will take place when required by the paramedical staffs and helpers.

Patient’s Own Medication

To ensure your safety and therapeutic effectiveness, please do not bring your own medications, or self administer your own medications during your stay in hospital. Please take only the medications given to you by the nurse and take them promptly when served.

Discharge Procedure

Your doctor will decide the appropriate time; advise you when you can expect to be discharged for home after you gaining your well being.
As part of our total patient care service, our Sister nurse-in-charge and Nursing Supervisors will work with you and your family members to plan for your continuing care after discharge. You and your family members may also be taught simple self-care nursing procedures.

Before you leave, your nurse will assist you with the following:

1. Give you the medication prescribed and advice you on its use
2. Give you a Discharge summary and Medical Certificate if necessary
3. Provide self-care information or instructions, where necessary
4. Give you a follow-up appointment

Check-Out Time:

The hospital check-out time is 24 hours for further clarifications contact the Billing center. For your safety, we advise that you have a relative or friend to accompany you home.

Settling your Hospital Bills

You will be required to settle your bills in full before leaving the Hospital. Payment of hospital bill and admission deposits may be made at the cash counter in the Information center by:

Major Credit Cards

If you require clarification or assistance regarding your bills after you have been discharged, please contact the Information Center during office hours.
9am- 12 pm to 3pm – 5pm