Patient & Visitors

August 18, 2016 SSH Admin

Visiting hours for In Patients:

Wards : Evening : 4pm to 8 pm
Critical care areas : Evening : 5pm to 5.30 pm

Rights and Responsibilities of patient and family


Spiritual and Cultural Needs:
The patient is allowed to take part in the spiritual & cultural needs to the extent permitted to their treatment in the hospital.
Privacy and Respectful Care
♦ The patients have the right to be called by their proper name and to be treated with respect throughout their care.
♦ The personal privacy of the patients are respected to the extent possible without compromise to their safety, dignity and clinical care. 10

♦ The patients and family members or friends with the patient’s permission, have the right to participate in decisions about their care, treatment and services provided.
♦ Patients have a right to respectful and compassionate care at the end of their life.
Freedom from Abuse or Neglect
♦ The patient and family have the right to be protected from physical abuse or neglect.
♦ The patient and family have the right to be free from restraints, except as authorized by their Consultant or in an emergency when it is necessary to protect them or others from injury.
♦ The right of the patient to confidentiality will be honored. Details concerning their medical care, including examinations, consultations and treatment shall be kept confidential. No information or records pertaining to their care will be released without permission from the authorized person, unless such a release is required or necessary to enable another health care worker to assist with their care
Refusal of Care
♦ The patient has the right to make decisions regarding their healthcare, including the decision to refuse or discontinue treatment. 11

♦ The patient has the right to receive enough information to give an informed consent before Anesthesia, Blood & Blood product transfusions and any invasive and high risk procedures / treatment.
High Risk Procedures / Treatment:
• Chemotherapy
• Blood Transfusion
• Dialysis
• Burns
• Grafting
• Reconstructive Surgery
Concerns, Voice a Complaints
♦ The patient has the right to voice concerns, complaints relating to the Clinical care, Cost of treatment, Quality of food, Behavior of staff, any housekeeping issues, seek solutions to problems from the Floor manager/ nursing supervisor or Patient Relation Officer (PRO).
Expected costs
♦ Patient and their family have the right to know the expected cost of treatment at the time of admission and during course of treatment.
♦ The approximate cost of treatment is explained to the patients.12

Access to Medical Record
♦ The patient and their family have the rights to access his / her clinical records during the course of the hospitalization and after discharge.
Access to Care
♦ The patients have the right to receive considerate, respectful and compassionate care regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, beliefs etc.,
♦ The patient has the right to know the names and professional history of the doctors, nurses and others involved in their care.
♦ The patient has the right to communicate with others outside the hospital.
♦ If the patient is hearing impaired or does not speak and understand the language, interpreters will be provided for communication assistance.
Safety and Security
♦ The patient has the right to expect reasonable safe environment. To address the needs of patients, visitors and staffs regarding safety and security, St. Isabel’s Hospitals Safety Committee, Infection Control Committee, Security Service etc. works together to ensure that the patients are provided with a reasonably safe and secured environment.13

♦ The Patients have the right to receive information from their doctor regarding their diagnosis and possible prognosis, the benefits and risks of treatment, and expected outcome of the treatment, including unanticipated outcome
♦ The Patients have the right to be involved in discharge plan. The Patients, before discharge, have the right to receive information about the continuing care that they may require, including the time and location for appointments and the name of the doctor who will be providing the follow-up care.
♦ The patient, at his/ her own request and expense, has the right to consult with a specialist.
♦ Patients should Provide complete and accurate information about their health, including present condition past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, natural products and vitamins and any other matters that pertain to their condition.
♦ Provide complete and accurate information including full name, address and other information.
♦ To Ask questions when he/she does not understand what the doctor or other member of the health care team tells about diagnosis or treatment. He / she should also inform the doctor if he / she anticipates any problem in following prescribed treatment or considering alternative therapies.14

♦ Abide by all hospital rules and regulations.
• Comply with the NO SMOKING policy
• Comply with the visitors policies to ensure the rights and comfort of all patients. Be considerate of noise levels, privacy and safety. Weapons are prohibited in the hospital premises.
• Treat hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
♦ To be on time in case of appointments..
♦ Not to give medication prescribed for him / her to others.
♦ Provide complete and accurate information for insurance claims and work with the Consultant and billing offices to make payment arrangements.
♦ To communicate with the Medical Administrator if his / her condition worsens or does not follow the expected course.
♦ To pay for service billed for in a timely manner as per the hospital policies.
♦ To respect the fact that some other patient’s medical condition may be more urgent than yours and accept that your doctor may need to attend them first.
♦ To respect that admitted patient and patients requiring emergency care take priority for your doctor.
♦ To follow the prescribed treatment plan and carefully comply with the instructions given.15

♦ To accept, where applicable, adaptations to the environment to ensure a safe and secure stay in hospital.
♦ To accept the measures taken by the hospital to ensure personal privacy and confidentiality or medical records.
♦ To attend follow up appointment as requested.
♦ Not to take any medications without the knowledge of doctor and health care professionals.
♦ To provide correct and truthful history.
♦ To understand the charter of rights and seek clarification if any.
Information to patients and family
♦ The patient and family rights and responsibilities are printed in the form of brochures in English and Tamil. The brochures are given at the time of registration.
Protection of patient and family rights by the management
♦ The Vice President, Medical superintendent, Administrator, Medical Administrator and all the HOD’s of St. Isabel’s Hospital provide the leadership to the organization and ensure that the patient rights are protected. They are involved in resolution of any incidents of consumer protection cases, feedback and incident reports involving violation of patient rights.16

Violation of patient rights
♦ Violation of patient and family rights is recorded in incident reports by any staff that has identified the same. The Incident reports of such nature are reviewed within 48 hours of recording by the management and corrective and preventive measures taken are recorded in the incident report.