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We take pride in creating a nurturing, caring environment for our students to adapt, learn, grow, and flourish in the evolving role of the professional nurse. This type of environment can enable you, the student, to make the transition from learning to pass a test to acquiring skills and knowledge which enable you to critically think about how best to care for your clients, their families, and the community at large.


Regular attendance in the classroom as well as in the clinicals and the fulfillment of required assignments and case studies are expected of all students. Attendance is taken at every lecture, practical or tutorial prescribed in the school timetable.

In case of absence due to illness the student must submit a letter at the earliest to the Principal or to the warden.

Students must be present on the re-opening day of each year. Those who fail to return on the specified day after a vacation may report to the principal immediately.

All the students should attend the roll-call every day at 7.00a.m and 7.30p.m without fail, if not will be punished.


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A regular & periodic evaluation is done to showcase the effectiveness of the teaching & learning process. It also helps to improve of the performance of the programme. Hence

  1. Weekly tests and unit tests are conducted every week on Saturdays.
  2. The terminal examinations and model examination in theory and practical are conducted in all the subjects.
  3. The performance of the students in theory and practice are communicated punctually to the parents.
  4. Formal & informal evaluation of the students in the clinical areas is being carried out time to time.


Upon enrolment at the School, students are allocated our parent Hospital where they will spend a specified period of time during their course, to allow students a wide range of exciting experiences in which to develop their clinical skills.



The students will be issued two sets of uniform and one set of community uniform at the time of admission. Students are expected to be in full uniform when they are in clinical postings. They will be given identity card .